It's  all about the music and the memories.  Living the Legend.  Bringing the past into the NOW! Hence, the FutureCats.  

"The premise behind the band is to bring the old great hits on to today's stage. Staying true to the sound, but putting our own feel and flavor to it.  We have some great people involved with the band.


Ronnie Lee Twist:  Leader of the pack!  Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano. Award winning Johnny Cash tribute artist, Rockabilly Hall of Fame Member, Traditional Country Music Hall of Famer, 11 time Grammy nominee, songwriter, producer, and a lot of other cool stuff.

​​Mike Maneth: Lead Guitar (Not just lead guitar, but serious ASS KICKIN' lead guitar ...we're talking stellar here) and Vocals

Dave Mitchell : Bass Guitar  and vocals. Only bass player in the world that looks like he loves what he does. 'Cause he does.....

​​Alex : Drums.  Sits in the back,  keeps the beat and has a great foot, (That's what I heard...) 

Mike Dowe : Piano, keyboard, vocals

This guy has, like 15 fingers, and knows how to play diminished chords.

Tommy Wayne: Pedal Steel Guitar, 6 string, 12 string, harmonica, banjo, vocals, spoons, knives forks, didgeridoo, dobro, beer. 

and of course my amazingly beautiful wife, (best looking one on the stage) Nikki Danby who does background vocals, Lead vocals, and keeps all us boys in line!

and The Future Cats

  • Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On2:52